Research has shown the longer a prospect stays on an exhibition stand, the more likely they will buy from this company. Keeping the visitor engaged longer means you can educate your potential prospect about your company, products and services. More time means you can really find out what their objectives are and how your company can help them.

So how do you keep visitors on your stand for longer?


1. Battery low?

Running out of battery on your phone is very annoying when you’re at a show.

Offering USB phone charging points built in to your seating areas is a great way to keep that potential client on your stand space for longer.


2. Don’t hide away

At a recent show we designed a semi open lounge area for our client, who said it worked really well, 

creating a buzz around industry executives who could be seen chatting. This attracted people our client had found difficult to communicate with, which produced fabulous opportunities.


3. Drink?

It’s an obvious one but having a drink offered to you is a welcoming gesture. Offering quality barista coffee or fruit mocktails is going to be more attractive than the usual refreshments. 


4. Make it comfortable

Walking around an exhibition can be tiring. Having a sit down on a comfy seat for a 5 minute chat is going to be welcomed.