Custom modular stand designs

The benefits of having a custom modular stand design are:

  • It can be reconfigured to any stand shape and size.

  • Your stand will be more prominent as it’s a unique design compared to system stands.

  • It will reduce your costs.

  • It will reduce waste.


We regularly design stands that with a few tweaks can be reinstalled in completely different sized spaces. We have custom made exhibition kits that have been installed in spaces varying from 220 square metres down to 6 square metres. Over the years this has saved a huge amount of waste and money for our clients.


Re-usable graphics

Make sure your contractor has a good knowledge of the latest graphic fitting techniques. We have designed stands for multiple installs with 100% reusable graphics. By using these methods you can achieve large seamless graphic walls and lightboxes that can be reused. This reduces waste and is more cost effective. Unless you are having a rebrand, logos are not going to change. Make your logos so they are on panels, in lightboxes or have a CNC fret cut logo. This means it will be easy to design it in to your next space.


Choose the right contractor

  • Ask questions, your contractor should be able to tell you how much of your stand is reusable and what is waste.

  • By using a contractor who does everything in-house, without sub-contracting means it cuts out on multiple journeys thus saving on fuel usage.

  • Using a contractor with their own logistics and storage facility will reduce the distance your stand will travel cutting down on fuel usage.

  • Choose a contractor that has experience designing modular stands.

Travelling to the show

Ask your team to car share or use public transport to travel to the venue if possible so your carbon foot print is reduced.




The aftermath of an exhibition often has discarded literature littering the halls. Use QR codes for visitors to scan and view online brochures. Or use an ipad at the show to email your visitors directly with PDF brochures.


Re-usable packaging

It is common to see bubble wrap thrown away at events. By replacing bubble wrap with re-usable blanket wraps you are cutting out waste and saving money. Plus the blankets are normally made from recycled materials.