1. You didn't clearly show how your products and brand are the best.

You need to attract your potential customers with a stand design that clearly displays what your product and message are. The vast majority of visitors may not have come specifically to see you so you need to make sure you stand out.

2. Not enough leads were captured.


Building a database from leads captured at an event is one of the main reasons to exhibit. Create a lead form. Discuss with the sales team first to find out what their definition is of a qualified lead. What would they like to know about new prospects.

3. You did not stand out.

First impressions count. Make sure your exhibition stand has impact and quality. Your potential new customers will judge you on your appearance at the show. If it looks like you have scrimped and cut corners on your stand design this could be reflected in what they think of your company.

4. You didn't have a clear objective.

Make sure you have a clear goal that your team are working to for the show. Set targets for the leads captured for each day and try and exceed them. Offer a prize for the most leads taken for the show.

5. You didn't look welcoming.

Staff standing together chatting, eating or playing on their phones, does this sound familiar? It can be intimidating for a visitor to step on to an exhibition stand. Make it as welcoming as possible by not doing any of these things.

6. You didn't shout about your attendance.

Use social media to create a buzz about your presence at the show. Send out emails to your prospects prior to the event. You need to let people know that you're going to be there. Because this may be a deciding factor to some visitors to come to the event.

7. You didn't follow up for long enough.

Sending one email after the event just isn't going to hit the mark when it comes to making new sales. Plan to keep in touch for more than a year and you'll get a much more successful outcome.